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Rowa Vmax automates medication storage


At the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists 2012 (EAHP), CareFusion will show the Rowa™ Vmax® technology, enabling dispensaries to automate storage and commissioning of medication packages.

The Rowa systems by CareFusion streamline the medication management process, helping to improve stock flow and reducing medication errors.

Based on the experience of more than 3,900 installations worldwide, Rowa offers convincing customized automation solutions. Carol Farrow, chief pharmacist of Norfolk and Norwich University hospital, Norwich has been working with a complex Rowa solution since 2006 and says: “With Rowa, we reduced our medication stock, increased security for our patients and improved the supply of our wards!”  
Different levels of automation cover the entire range of needs –   from simple medication stock management to fully automated stock intake, recording, storage and ward commissioning. Manual intervention by staff can be reduced to a minimum, thus freeing up clinicians’ time to focus on patient care.

In addition, CareFusion exhibits the Pyxis® MedStation ES, the company’s new automated medication dispensing system built on the ES platform using a standardized set of hardware and software components. The platform enables simple, efficient workflows centered around the patient while improving pharmacy, nursing and staff clinical and medication management efficiencies. The enterprise platform can be applied within a single facility as well as across an entire healthcare organization.

To simplify the medication dispensing and documentation directly at the point of care, the Metro® Flo portable workstations complete CareFusion’s offer. The Metro 1760Rx cart combines mobile access to real-time patient information with secure and accurate point-of-care medication delivery.

“For more than 20 years, Pyxis technologies have set the standard in dispensing to help clinicians deliver medication to patients efficiently and safely,” said Prasanna Parthasarathy
Vice President, Medical Systems International at CareFusion. “We’ve built an all-new dispensing platform to make it even easier to manage medications based on our customers’ unique size, scope, capacity and clinical workflows, allowing them more time to focus on patient care.”

All above mentioned products and more Pyxis technologies can be visited at EAHP 2012 in Milan from March 21st to 23rd at MIC stand 95 & 96. Detailed information and experiences from European Pyxis users are shared via the CareFusion Satellite Symposium on Wednesday, March 21st from 14:00 – 15:30 at the Milan Convention Center, Space 2, Level 0. The Symposium “Automating for Excellence” will be moderated by Prof. Bonnabry from HUG, Geneva – entrance is free.



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