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RPS responds to the NICE recommendation that doctors prescribe more statins



Helen Williams, Royal Pharmaceutical Society expert on heart medicines and consultant pharmacist, said:
“I welcome this consultation on the recommendation from NICE to lower the threshold for access to statin therapy for the first line prevention of heart attacks and strokes. This could significantly reduce cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes across the population. Despite current guidance endorsing the use of statins in people with a 20% or higher risk of strokes or heart attacks too many people in this group are not getting the benefits of statins. We need to ensure that health care professionals are fully equipped to help patients make informed decisions about using statins. As a pharmacist I think it is important to look at how we can implement the change in guidance should it be finalised.”
“Statins are not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Eating well, exercising more and stopping smoking all help with reducing your risk of a heart attack or stroke For many patients combining a statin with healthy lifestyle will reduce that risk even further”.

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