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Sanofi and CureDM announce alliance


Pharmaceutical giant Sanofi-Aventis has signed an agreement with CureDM to develop targeted diabetes drugs.

The deal, which could see Sanofi pay as much as £220 million to the biotechnology company, will see the two work together on treatments designed to restore the body’s insulin-making capability.

Sanofi will now begin testing Pancreate, which has been found to stimulate the growth of insulin producing islets in the pancreas.

The programme, if successful, would mark a significant shift away from current techniques, the vast majority of which focus on either adding insulin to the body or regulating the amount already present.

Sanofi will receive an exclusive licence to develop and market the drug worldwide as part of the deal. CureDm, in return, will be given an upfront payment, royalties on product sales and development, regulatory and commercial milestone payments.

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