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Sensitivity and allergy software launched


CT-based drug sensitivity and allergy checking software was launched today by UK-based clinical decision support company First DataBank Europe (FDBE). The software runs within FDBE’s Multilex Drug Data File (Multilex DDF) drug knowledge base.

In July 2006 FDBE released functionality to support SNOMED CT- and dm+d-based sensitivity checking to comply with NHS Connecting for Health guidance on use of SNOMED CT for representing patient allergies within clinical applications and the National Care Records Service.

The firm says content to support the use of this functionality in live systems is now available, so drug sensitivities and allergies recorded using dm+d products and SNOMED CT substance codes can be used to drive a sensitivity check within Multilex DDF.

FDBE says its clinical decision support runs several active checks, including a sensitivity check, against a patient profile to determine whether medications are suitable for use and provides an alert message when appropriate.

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The sensitivity check determines whether a medication is related by base ingredient, ingredient group or cross-reactor group to a recorded patient sensitivity or allergy.

Historically, a wide variety of coding systems have been used to represent allergies. FDBE says it welcomes  standardisation within this critical area of patient-specific clinical checks.

The company says to this end, it is also releasing a subset of SNOMED CT codes suitable for presenting in a picking list to support recording of patient medication sensitivities and allergies. This will enable FDBE customers to implement this functionality more effectively in order to become SNOMED CT-compliant.

FDBE press release 11/6/2007


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