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Published on 17 August 2009

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Shire initiates two adult ADHD outreach programs


Shire plc, the global specialtybiopharmaceutical company, today announced two initiatives reinforcingtheir commitment to the care of adults withAttention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a psychiatricbehavioral disorder that affects an estimated 10 million adults acrossthe country.

The first initiative, “RoADHD Trip,” a multi-city selfscreening tour, will visit eight cities across the country in an effortto raise awareness that ADHD in adults is a real and treatable medicaldisorder. The second initiative, ADHD Clinical Education (ACE) Program,includes a field-based team of experienced psychiatric nurses who willprovide in-office education to physicians and their staff on ADHD inadults.

“These programs demonstrate that adults with ADHD haveShire’s full attention. We are committed to providing information notonly to adults who may be struggling with the symptoms of the disorder,but also to the physicians who treat them,” said Michael Yasick, SeniorVice President of the ADHD Business Unit at Shire. “Our 2008 screeningoutreach initiative was very successful at raising awareness – nearly52,000 adults self-screened. We are happy to continue this program andtake awareness one step further by providing additional education tophysicians, as well.”


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