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SMC approves Kalcipos-D for vitamin D deficiency


Kalcipos-D can now be used within National Health Service (NHS) Scotland for the treatment of patients with vitamin D

The Scottish Medicines Consortium accepted calcium carbonate and cholecalciferol (Kalcipos-D) for
 the prevention and treatment of calcium and vitamin D deficiency in the elderly.

It was also accepted
as a vitamin D and calcium supplement in addition to specific osteoporosis treatment of patients
 who are at risk of vitamin D and calcium deficiency.

Kalcipos-D is the UK’s first once-daily preparation combining the updated recommended daily dose 
of vitamin D3 with a low-dose calcium component.

Kalcipos-D aims to tackle the growing problem of vitamin D deficiency in older people. One tablet
 per day supplies the recommended 800 IU daily dose of vitamin D3 and 50% of daily calcium
requirements for people over 50.

It costs £4.21 (€4.82) for 30 tablets and is available on prescription.

Kalcipos-D has been specially formulated to contain a low dose of calcium because high calcium
content can increase the risk of gastrointestinal effects. Extra calcium is also more readily obtained
from dietary sources than vitamin D3.

“Vitamin D3 deficiency is being increasingly
recognised as a condition that has important health implications,” said a spokesperson from Meda Pharmaceuticals.

“However, the level of awareness
about this surprisingly common deficiency varies among healthcare professionals. Meda has
therefore brought together essential information about vitamin D3, its sources and uses.”

Scottish Medicines Consortium

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