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Stimulating and diverse scientific programme


is the largest annual paediatric cancer meeting in the world, attracting a multi-stakeholder attendance. This year’s congress brings you a stimulating and diverse scientific programme.
25th –28th September,
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Join us at SIOP for a high quality scientific programme with educational sessions, featuring: Multi-disciplinary symposia, keynote lectures, poster sessions and other forums for the broad range of SIOP members, residents, fellows, nurses, psychology & psychosocial professionals, parents and survivors who attend the Congress.
There are various streams & sessions running throughout the scientific programme. Here is a taste of some of them which you can expect at SIOP 2013:
  • Symposium – Intracranial germ cell tumour, Target therapies in paediatric malignancies, Side effect reporting: what, why and how, From molecular diagnosis to clinical management of neuroblastoma.
  • Educational Sessions – Brain tumour pathology, Radiotherapy management, Role of radiologists, Difficult leukaemia.
  • Free Paper Sessions – Neuroblastoma, Epidemiology, Rare tumours, Leukaemia , Psychosocial, Late effects, Brain tumours , Germ cell tumours, Liver tumours, Renal and Sarcomas.
  • Keynote – Neurocognitive function and academic achievement in long term survivors, Recent advance in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.
  • Nurses – Nurse education in countries with limited resources, Symptoms and Side effects.

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