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SuliXen insulin substitute success


Trials have reportedly shown that Lipoxen’s long acting insulin substitute SuliXen is safe and well tolerated, with no adverse side effects.

The study at the Federal State Centre of Endocrinology in Moscow has demonstrated a clear pharmacodynamic response, as shown by the increased glucose infusion rate.

At the same time, pharmacokinetic profiles indicate maximum blood concentrations within three hours after subcutaneous injection, which remains in circulation up to 20-30 hours.

The company said it is confident that with SuliXen it “is well placed to achieve its goal of developing a superior formulation to Lantus, the world’s most-prescribed insulin which generated sales of $2.45 billion (£1.78 billion) in 2008”.

The drug is formulated using Lipoxen’s own polysialic acid-based PolyXen technology, which is expected to avoid the toxicity attributed to polyethylene glycol in PEGylated-protein candidates.

Key benefits of PolyXen for protein drug delivery include reduced frequency and amount of dosage, prolonged pharmacological action and reduced immunogenicity and antigenicity.

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