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Published on 31 July 2008

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Survey seeks pharmacists’ views


Members of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB) are taking part in an international survey, to see how members of professional bodies feel about the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) they undertake.

Organised by the Professional Associations Research Network, the survey aims to discover attitudes towards CPD and the amount and type of CPD people carry out. It will also ask what people think about learning online in collaboration with higher education institutes.

The survey results will help to shape the future of CPD and the direction of online technologies as the RPSGB moves towards the development of the General Pharmaceutical Council and a new professional body – both of which will have a role in the development and practice of CPD in pharmacy.

“We want to find out what our members think about CPD,” said Peter Wilson, the society’s head of post registration. “It is becoming mandatory for every pharmacist so I hope people engage with this survey and make their opinions known.

“This initiative will allow us to influence future CPD in a way that is positive and beneficial for each individual member. The submissions are completely anonymous, which is important because we need people to be honest and up-front about their experiences.”

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