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Tories promise cancer drug fund


Conservatives have pledged to create a £10 million fund to ensure cancer drugs available south of the border are obtainable in Scotland.

Speaking from Ayr, Scottish Conservative Leader Annabel Goldie said it is unacceptable that drugs recommended by doctors to patients in England and Wales are not available in Scotland.

She added: “The action taken by the UK Government in setting up a cancer drugs fund has been warmly received by cancer sufferers, their families and campaign groups in England and Wales.

“We believe it is time to take action in Scotland.

“That is why Conservatives are proposing a Scottish cancer drugs fund of up to £10 million per year to help provide the expensive drugs that prolong life.

“The Scottish Medicines Consortium will continue to recommend NHS funding for drugs which are regarded as clinical and cost effective but this additional funding will help cancer patients access the vital drugs their clinicians think they need.

“Scots cancer sufferers must be given all the help possible, not put in a worse position than their counterparts south of the border.

“Every voter in every seat in every region of Scotland can vote for these common-sense policies on May 5.”

The fund proposal is included in the party`s manifesto which states: “As we have been prepared to make tough decisions elsewhere in the NHS, we will be able to introduce a cancer drugs fund of up to £10 million to ensure that Scottish patients have at least the same access to clinically effective drugs as patients in England.”

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