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Tutela goes Dutch with Sanyo


A first Tutela Monitoring System has been installed in continental Europe by Next Control Systems in collaboration with Sanyo E&E Europe BV.

The installation is at Erasmus University Hospital Rotterdam, where temperature sensors are monitoring cryogenic stores at between -80˚C and -200˚C.

These sensors feed information into the Tutela Remote Alarm Monitoring Bureau in Farnborough, Hants. Round the clock manning means there is an immediate response to any incident.

The system enables web access to real time electronic records from anywhere in the world, creates fully validated electronic alarm incident audit records and both manages and retains electronic records for up to 30 years.

“Our bureau has a lot of American customers and even one from Africa, as well as companies based in the UK and now, thanks to our collaboration with Sanyo, this is the first on mainland Europe from where there are a lot more in the pipeline,” said Tim Bartholomew, managing director of Next Control Systems.


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