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Type 2 diabetes educational game


Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly & Company have launched an educational digital game for type 2 diabetes called Complications Combat. The game, available for desktop and iPad users, is designed to raise awareness of the many complications associated with type 2 diabetes and the challenges physicians and patients face when considering and managing these on a daily basis.
“The aim and design of the game is simple,” said Arnd Prilipp, Launch and Established Products CVM Boehringer Ingelheim. “However, effective management of type 2 diabetes and its complications is not. To simulate this, players are tasked with simultaneously saving the healthy lifestyle items whilst combating the many complications – and it is not easy.”
The objective of the game is to effectively manage type 2 diabetes and its complications by clicking or swiping the complications and ‘friends,’ which are the healthy steps for managing the condition, to the correct side of the screen to maintain optimal patient health for as long as possible.
During the course of the game, the user learns about the diverse range of complications that can be associated with type 2 diabetes and also about positive lifestyle choices that can help combat the progression of the disease. As the game becomes increasingly difficult, the user learns just how challenging it can be for physicians and patients to take all of these
complications and lifestyle choices into consideration at the same time.
Uncontrolled type 2 diabetes can lead to hyperglycaemia which, if untreated in the long-term, can cause serious medical complications in all parts of the body.(1) Diabetes-related complications include cardiovascular disease, stroke, kidney disease, eye problems and foot ulcers.(2)
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