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UK’s NPA issues anticoagulant resource


Britain’s National Pharmacy Association (NPA) has produced a resource for the supply of anticoagulant therapy comprising of a template standard operating procedure (SOP) and guidance notes.

It complies with the NPSA recommendations ensuring the supply of anticoagulant medicines is carried out in a safe and efficient way.

Supplying Anticoagulant Therapy provides details of the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) patient alert “NPSA Alert 18 – Actions that can make Anticoagulant Therapy Safer”.

Information resources about anticoagulation therapy and a standard template SOP which members can modify to correspond with their own pharmacy, are also included in the resource.

Ruth Wakeman, NPA Information Department Manager said: “The NPA’s Supplying Anticoagulant Therapy resource covers the supply of anticoagulant therapy by the pharmacy including prescription receipt, pharmaceutical assessment, interventions and problem solving, assembly and labelling, accuracy checking, transfer to patient and also the supply to care homes.

Members are advised to visit the NPA’s members’ website for more information to ensure they are compliant with NPSA guidance.”


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