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Untapped potential of pharmacists


In today’s FIP Stakeholder Roundtables key examples were brought forth that demonstrate how realising the untapped potential of the pharmacist can lead to more responsible medicines use. This responsible use results in health gains and avoiding 500 billion USD in healthcare spending per year globally.
Stakeholders also discussed measures that need to be in place to realise these results. Professor Jane Halton, Secretary of the Commonwealth Department of the Health and Ageing, Australia, explained that pharmacists are absolutely fundamental in helping patients process their own health and medicines information.
In the Roundtable on Adherence Durhane Wong-Rieger, chair of the International Association of Patient Organizations (IAPO) stressed that among healthcare professionals, patients trust their pharmacists most but pharmacists must need to see their patients as partners.
These and the following discussion points will feed into the overall recommendations that will be used as a basis of discussion for tomorrows Ministerial Summit on The Added Value of Responsible Medicines Use – Setting policies for better and cost-effective healthcare.
The former Minister of Health of the Netherlands Ab Klink, pointed out that changing our reimbursement system is a must. The pharmacist should not be paid for the amount of medicines being dispensed but for the quality of their care.
From an Industry perspective, Jack Watters, Vice President External Medical Affairs of Pfizer, acknowledges that the pharmaceutical industry has a responsibility to address the issue of patients adhering to medicines throughout the process of medicines design, development and use.
Michel Buchmann, president of FIP: “FIP urges ministers to see the added value of the pharmacist, as also evidenced by the IMS report. We aim to work with policy makers to ensure that pharmacists are on the front lines of care in increasing responsible medicines use worldwide.”

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