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WoCoVA previews needleless bacterial control system


A pioneering intraluminal protection device for helping to reduce these deadly infections will make its European debut at the second World Congress on Vascular Access meeting being held in Amsterdam, 27-29 June 2012. 


Catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSI) are a significant cause of hospital deaths worldwide.  Recent findings (using data from the European Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System) showed that antibiotic-resistant infections resulted in 370,000 extra days in hospital, at a cost of 62 million Euros. 


Global intravenous catheter care experts RyMed Technologies, Inc. will be previewing their latest connector, the InVision-Plus CS® with Neutral AdvantageTechnology. This advanced, needleless connector incorporates a chlorhexidine + silver ion impregnated septum to provide added protection against bacterial infection.


RyMed’s clinical education director, Paul Blackburn RN, BSN, MNA, VA-BC, said: “For the patient, the point of greatest risk comes when microbes adhere to the intraluminal catheter wall, enabling microorganisms to travel through the catheter into the blood stream. This unique septum design provides micro-organism biocidal activity at the environmental source.  With disinfection outside the fluid pathway, migration is prevented and bacterial adhesion is minimized.


“For hospitals, the financial consequences of resistant bacterial infections can be critical. While vascular specialists and nursing staff are clearly important in managing patient care, there is also an expanding role for the hospital pharmacist. Most catheters are used to administer drugs; and health care professionals with greater understanding of how these bloodstream infections originate can ensure the most technologically-advanced connectors are used, to minimize the risk for patients.”  


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Mr Blackburn is also President-Elect of the Association for Vascular Access (AVA).  He will be giving a keynote speech at WoCoVA on ways to minimize catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSI) and their impact on patients and hospital budgets.  His presentation ‘CVC vs PICC in the Intensive Care Unit’ will be held at 3 pm on Wednesday, 27 June 2012.  RyMed Technologies are on Stand D2.


Studies confirm that the unique design of the InVision-Plus CS® may help to reduce the incidence of bloodstream infections . The advanced system includes a patented double microbial barrier, zero fluid displacement and a straight-through fluid pathway with no dead space. This makes it easier to completely flush blood from a catheter.


Key benefits include:

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