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Sponsored: Helapet announce launch of new sterile Neutral Detergent Spray

Helapet are delighted to introduce our new SteriClean® Neutral Detergent Spray. A sterile, PH neutral, non-ionic detergent with low residues, designed to work alongside our exclusive SteriClean® range of sterile alcohol disinfectants in critically controlled environments.

SteriClean® Neutral Detergent Spray

For a disinfectant to work effectively, it is beneficial to use a detergent spray beforehand. This will remove residues and soiling. For many, using a neutral detergent spray to clean surfaces prior to disinfection is an important step. This month, Helapet have unveiled a new sterile Neutral Detergent Spray which complements their exclusive SteriClean® range of sterile cleaning and disinfectant consumables.

A ready mixed pH neutral solution blended with WFI (water for injection), this excellent general purpose cleaning agent is highly effective at removing soiling without the risk of damaging acid or alkaline sensitive surfaces. Non-ionic with an excellent toxicology profile makes this product ideal for use on oily residue and sticky substances, without the need for additional garment protection.

SteriClean® Neutral Detergent spray is 0.2 micron filtered and cleanroom processed.  Each 0.9L bottle is individually double-bagged and terminally irradiated for smooth cleanroom transfer and immediate use.

Compatible for use in high grade cleanroom areas, including isolators and work benches. Helapet sterile trigger sprays incorporate a validated closed bag-in-bottle system and non-vented trigger to restrict the ingress of bacteria to maintain sterility of the bottle contents. The lightweight and ergonomic bottle design includes a fully adjustable trigger nozzle allowing for the solution to be dispensed either as a jet or mist.

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For additional information on the SteriClean® Neutral Detergent or to request free trial samples, please email [email protected] or call T (0)800 0328 428.

Aug 2019

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