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Published on 4 April 2011

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Superdrug launches online service


People suffering from “embarrassing illnesses” will have access to prescription-only treatments under a new service involving assessments from an online doctor.

The Superdrug service includes a test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea (£40), chlamydia treatment (£25) and gonorrhoea treatment (£30).

Women can also be prescribed the oral contraceptive pill (£27) if they have taken it previously, as well as antibiotic cystitis treatment (£17) conveniently and quickly.

An online consultation with a doctor is included in the price as well as the cost of the medication.

The service is being launched in conjunction with online healthcare specialist Dr Thom and has become the first online doctor service to register with the Care Quality Commission, which regulates healthcare in the UK.

All the doctors providing the care are based in the UK, registered with the GMC and take full responsibility for the clinical care provided, just as any doctor does.

There is a pre-defined range of services – people cannot use it for any other medical problems.

Patients with problems which do not come under one of the services offered, or whom the doctor believes need to have a more in-depth consultation, will be directed to their GP.

The service launches on Monday.

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