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Calling attention to medication requiring special handling

To complement their popular LiquiDose Butterfly labels for syringes, ampules and small containers, EPS has introduced five new colours of Direct Thermal Butterfly Labels to call attention to medication requiring special handling.

Available in bright Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and Orange as well as the original White, all EPS LiquiDose Butterfly labels can be printed with either a regular laser or Zebra® Direct Thermal printer. The label’s distinctive hourglass design provides practitioners ample area for medication identification without covering important markings on the item being labeled.

When used with the company’s inexpensive MILT software, pharmacists and nurses can take advantage of all the formatting and reporting capabilities the program has to offer. Bar Codes, Graphics, Special Fonts, Tall Man Lettering, Shapes and Logos can all be included on the labels.

Both the laser and the company’s direct thermal Butterfly labels have been designed to withstand rough use and storage in drawers or bins. The aggressive adhesive and durable “neck” design ensure that labels won’t be detached from their applied surfaces (syringes, ampules, etc.)

Every hospital has unique requirements. As the old saying goes, if you’ve been in one hospital, then you’ve been in one hospital…because no two are alike,” said Bob Braverman, President of Medi-Dose/EPS. “The new colours of our Butterfly labels help facilities promote safety, increase practitioner awareness and reduce the potential for error…regardless of the health care setting.”

For more information on the EPS LiquiDose Butterfly Labels, please call 800-523-8966 or e-mail [email protected]

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