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Published on 10 July 2008

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DNA lock guards against fake drugs


Two companies have joined forces to develop a DNA locking system in a bid to guard against counterfeit drugs.

Healthcare logistics provider Movianto has collaborated with German biotechnology firm identif to produce a DNA mark which makes it possible to track the distribution path of the drug from the manufacturer to the patient.

The labelling system works by creating two single strands of synthetically produced DNA which fit together much like a key and lock.

One DNA strand is integrated into a safety label while the second complementary DNA strand is located in a detection pen.

When both strand are united, a hybridisation process takes place that can be picked up by the scanning pen, providing proof of authenticity.

Marcus Weichert, managing director of identif, said: “If you want to protect your brand from misuse and guard it against loss of image, you must always remain one step ahead of the criminals.

“For this reason, we have specialised in safety markings that are regarded as providing an extremely high level of protection against counterfeiting – DNA markings.”

Conor Roche, managing director of Movianto Group, said: “By using DNA coding, pharmaceutical manufacturers will be able to do more than simply guarantee to their customers that the products are genuine.”

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