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Joint project in steroids research


Two companies have announced a partnership for energy-efficient and sustainable fermentative production of steroid compounds.

Brain and Bayer Schering Pharma are to use optimised microbial production strains sourced from plant-derived raw materials.

Highly developed micro-organisms will be used to optimise production processes with the aim of achieving a higher yield with a reduced energy input. This will lead to more efficient production and a reduction in the output of greenhouse gases.

Greater numbers of microbial processes are being used as whole cell biocatalyst reactors for further optimisation of the steroidal intermediates. Plants and their steroidal components are an economic and sustainable source of pharmaceutical raw material and intermediates.

“On a long term as a company we can only be successful, when our economic action is in line with the social interests of man and the ecological needs of our period”, said Dr Wolfgang Plischke. Drd Plischke is responsible for innovation, technology and environment within the managing board of Bayer.

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