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RPS and UKCPA collaborate on specialist pharmacy curriculum and credentialing

An advanced specialist curriculum and credentialing framework for clinical specialities falling under the UK Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA) umbrella has been jointly established by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) and UKCPA.

In what has been deemed as a ‘significant milestone’ in advancing pharmacy education, the framework aligns educational standards with evolving healthcare needs and complements the RPS Core Advanced curriculum.

By developing a rigorous credentialing process and a clearly defined post-registration career pathway for pharmacists specialising in critical areas of patient care, the initiative aims to offer professional growth for pharmacists and a robust assurance mechanism for employers and patients.

The first joint advanced specialist curriculum and credentialing will cover critical care, and a consultation on the programme is due to commence in January 2024 in which the RPS and UKCPA will invite insights from industry experts and stakeholders.

‘Our collaboration will continue to focus on identifying and developing specialist curricula tailored to patient and service requirements’, the organisations said.

Commenting on the announcement, Sarah Carter, chief executive officer of UKCPA, said: ‘A formal recognition of post-registration expertise is absent from pharmacy practice. Credentialing assessments and the underpinning professional curricula fill this gap.

‘This initiative is the culmination of many years of dedicated thought, time and expertise from members of UKCPA, and we hope that the collaboration with the RPS will ensure that this significant development will be adopted profession-wide.’

Paul Bennett, chief executive officer of the RPS, added: ‘We are excited about the future possibilities that this collaboration unlocks for the pharmacy profession. By merging our expertise and resources with the UKCPA, we are creating a transformative educational framework that will not only empower pharmacists but also redefine the standards of care in specialised fields.

‘This signifies our dedication to enhancing the skills and knowledge of pharmacists, ensuring they are well-equipped to provide high-quality care to patients in critical areas of healthcare.’

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