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Published on 30 May 2023

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Fundamentals of biosimilars: educational resources

Discover a range of audio and visual resources to support learning needs and improve understanding of the key issues surrounding biosimilars.

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Manufacturing processes for biosimilars

Professor Alain Astier discusses the complexities surrounding the manufacturing processes of a biosimilar, and the characteristic variability and strict quality control measures involved in their production.

Switching and interchangeability: what you need to know

Dr Tiene Bauters discusses how the interpretation of interchangeability and rules around switching of biosimilars differ between healthcare systems across the globe and the resulting implications on access to care.

Clinical development of biosimilars and key concepts

Regulatory approval of biosimilars requires a demonstration of comparable clinical efficacy and safety with the reference biologic and the key steps in the process are described here by Professor Irene Krämer.

Webcast 1 Biosimilars: Fundamentals and key concepts Pt 1

Alain Astier, PharmD PhD, French Academy of Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Paris, France

Webcast 2 Biosimilars: Fundamentals and key concepts Pt 2

João Gonçalves, PharmD PhD, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon, Portugal 

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