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Scientists to discuss vaccine research


Vaccine and public health experts will gather in Paris to review thepromise of and challenges related to today’s vaccine research, what newproducts are expected and to discuss the way forward.

Theeighth World Health Organization Global Vaccine Research Forum willtake place at the Institut Pasteur, Paris, France, from 29 June to 2July.

About 150 top vaccine researchers, scientists and publichealth experts from around the world will participate. The Forum issponsored by the WHO Initiative for Vaccine Research.

Issues tobe covered include researching for HIV vaccines; vaccines for theelderly; vaccinating teenagers against human papillomavirus (HPV);vaccinating against hospital-acquired infections; therapeutic vaccinesagainst cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, nicotine addiction, andatherosclerosis; vaccines for priority diseases in developingcountries, such as malaria, meningitis and rotavirus; pandemicinfluenza vaccines: the current situation of avian influenza in animalsand humans; updates on clinical vaccine trials; and the potentialimpact of a new tuberculosis vaccine under development.

World Health Organization Global Vaccine Research Forum

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