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Cardinal on YouTube over embryos


Controversial plans for embryo research have come under fresh attack from the leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien has posted a video on YouTube, setting out his opposition to legislation which would enable scientists to create human-animal embryos for research.

It come after he used his Easter Sunday sermon to attack proposals in the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, claiming they would lead to experiments of “Frankenstein proportions”.

And he has now insisted that the Catholic Church in Scotland still has “many, many concerns” about the Bill.

He said: “What concerns us, in particular, is the possibility of animal-human hybrids being produced.

“This is something which causes us a tremendous concern, because we are dealing with life, human life at its very beginnings.

“And the possibility of a mixing up of human life and animal life at its beginnings, this quite simply is abhorrent to us as Catholic Christians.”

And he claimed that plans were “abhorrent to many, many thinking people of good will” and said an opinion poll had found 67% of people were opposed to this aspect of the legislation.

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