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Published on 4 August 2008

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Course encourages medical experts


Demand for medical experts with a certain range of skills has led one Scottish university to launch a brand new degree programme.

Critical areas of medicine, including HIV, bird flu, asthma and diabetes, are the targets of the new BSc in immunology and pharmacology at the University of Aberdeen.

Combining the two disciplines of immunology and pharmacology, the degree focuses on both the study of how the immune system operates in health and malfunction, and how drugs and medicines can be applied to restore normal immune function in the case of disease and disorder.

Graduates of the programme – which will receive the first intake of students in September – will be equipped for careers within the field of immunological biotechnology and pharmaceutical research, marketing and development.

Professor Neva Haites, head of the College of Life Sciences and Medicine, University of Aberdeen, said: “The broad programme syllabus aims to provide students with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of how malfunctions of the immune system underlie many diseases, whilst also examining the drugs and therapies which are increasingly being used in modern medicine to tackle these illnesses and restore normal immune function.”

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