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Faculty Board and Quality Assurance panel members



The launch of the RPS Faculty in June was the first opportunity for pharmacists to access a profession-wide professional recognition programme, build their portfolio and submit for assessment. This will result in the awarding of post-nominals which are recognisable to colleagues, healthcare professionals and patients as demonstrating advanced practice.
We are pleased to announce the appointment of the members of the first RPS Faculty Board and the first 3 Quality Assurance Faculty panels, around curricula, accreditation and credentialing. The panels have an essential function in the quality assurance of the Faculty elements, with the oversight of the Faculty Board. The Faculty Board will both advise the RPS Assembly and monitor and report on performance against set targets. The Faculty Board will oversee the delivery of the Faculty’s professional recognition programme and ensure that the underpinning quality assurance mechanisms for credentialing, accreditation and curricula operate effectively, upholding principles of good governance.
We were delighted with the number and range of applicants and, due to the high response and calibre of applicants, we are setting up a reference group to help further with specific work streams around accreditation and curricula.
Faculty Board
The Faculty Board membership covers the four main branches of pharmacy, Community, Academic, Industry and Hospital. Dr Hamish Wilson, who serves on the Assembly as a Lay member, will have responsibility for Public and Patient focus for the Faculty Board.
  1. Professor Peter Kopelman, Faculty Board Chair
  2. Dr Hamish Wilson, Ex-Officio Assembly Member
  3. Professor Gordon Becket MRPharmS
  4. Professor Stephen Chapman FRPharmS
  5. Dr Gillian Hawksworth FRPharmS
  6. Dr Carol McCall MRPharmS
  7. Professor Peter Noyce FRPharmS
  8. Mr David Bruce Pimlott FRPharmS
  9. Mr John Quinn MRPharmS
  10. Mr Mike Smith FRPharmS
  11. Dr Denise Taylor MRPharmS
Faculty Accreditation Panel
The Faculty Accreditation Panel takes a lead role in ensuring that the RPS Faculty accreditation and endorsement processes operate in an open, transparent, efficient, fair and equitable manner and conform to relevant standards and principles for accreditation assessments and monitoring (and aligning) of accreditation and endorsement processes, procedures and outputs.
  1. Mr Stephen Bleakley MRPharmS
  2. Dr Sarah Branch MRPharmS
  3. Dr Scott Cunningham MRPharmS
  4. Professor Christopher Cutts MRPharmS
  5. Professor Graham Davies FRPharmS
  6. Ms Kathryn Giles MRPharmS
  7. Ms Roisin Kavanagh MRPharmS
  8. Dr Roger Knaggs MRPharmS
  9. Dr Charles Morecroft FRPharmS
  10. Professor Paul Rutter MRPharmS
  11. Ms Raminder Sihota MRPharmS
Faculty Curricula Panel
The Faculty Curricula Panel takes a lead role in the quality assurance and validation of professional curricula; their alignment with professional frameworks; and, the application of the curricula in the assessment/credentialing process to ensure quality and parity across all professional curricula.
  1. Professor Ian Bates FRPharmS
  2. Dr Helen Barker SRPharmS
  3. Mr Malcolm Dash FRPharmS
  4. Dr Karen Hodson MRPharmS
  5. Mr Stephen Howard FRPharmS
  6. Dr Barrie Kellam MRPharmS
  7. Dr Elizabeth Mills MRPharmS
  8. Mr Geoffrey Saunders FRPharmS
  9. Mr Matthew Shaw MRPharmS
  10. Dr Claire Thompson SRPharmS
  11. Ms Eleanor Wakeling MRPharmS
Faculty Credentialing Panel
The Faculty Credentialing Panel will take a lead role in ensuring that the credentialing activities of the Faculty operate in an open, transparent, efficient, effective, fair and equitable way – predominantly by standard/principles development for assessments and monitoring (and aligning) assessment processes, procedures and outputs to those standards.
  1. Mr Christopher Acomb FRPharmS
  2. Mr Mark Borthwick MRPharmS
  3. Mr Philip Howard MRPharmS
  4. Mr Duncan McRobbie FRPHarmS
  5. Ms Jasmin Patel MRPharmS
  6. Dr Richard Schmidt MRPharmS
  7. Ms Rebecca Stanbrook MRPharmS
  8. Professor David Taylor MRPharmS
  9. Dr Helen Taylor MRPharmS
  10. Dr Anita Weidmann MRPharmS
  11. Dr Julie Williams MRPharmS

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