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Medicine development made easier


A new breakthrough technology company is aiming to cut the 12- to 15-year timeline and up to £500 million cost of developing a new medicine.

Cyclofluidic, a government-supported joint venture between Pfizer and Belgian firm UCB, will develop technologies that automate and integrate flow chemistry and flow biology.

One of the most time-intensive and skilful elements of pharmaceutical research is the screening of potential medicines against therapeutic targets.

Cyclofluidic will develop a microfluidic closed-loop lead-optimisation platform that will enable researchers to access state-of-the-art expertise in flow chemistry, flow screening and microfluidic engineering.

This will be addressed through extensive collaboration with key academics and component manufacturers. Cyclofluidic will also provide training for both flow chemistry and biology scientists at its facility, to be located in the south of England.

Peter Luke, senior director of worldwide business development at Pfizer, said: “This is a great example of how public-private partnerships can provide innovative technologies to speed medicines to market.”

Cyclofluidic will be jointly owned by Pfizer and UCB, with each company having both a seat and scientific observer rights on the board.

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