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New cancer drug venture unveiled


Australian company Cancer Therapeutics CRC is to work with the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) to develop new drugs for the treatment of a host of cancers.

Researchers at QIMR have discovered a new protein target that they believe is critical to the genetic repair processes that promote cancer cell survival and keep them replicating.

Cancer Therapeutics CRC hopes that the venture will help it to identify small molecules which inhibit this protein, allowing the company to develop new drugs which could be potentially used to treat a range of different cancers.

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Dr Julian Clark, CEO of Cancer Therapeutics CRC, said: “We are delighted to be collaborating with QIMR on this exciting project so early in the life of Cancer Therapeutics CRC.

“This collaboration, with one of the leading research institutes in
Australia, is the first project outside of our initial core of participants. It demonstrates the attractiveness of our  comprehensive drug discovery and development capabilities and our ability to work with leading researchers to bring their ideas into the world of cancer drug development.

“We expect that such collaborations between biological researchers and our drug developers can make a real impact on the treatment of cancer.”

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