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Pharmacists offer obesity advice


An obesity clinic for patients undergoing risk assessments for blood clots – venous thromboembolism (VTE) – is to be opened by Southampton University Hospitals.

It allows pharmacists to advise patients directly about lifestyle, smoking and obesity management, as well as formally recording them as a VTE risk.

If a patient hopes to see an immediate improvement in their health, the pharmacists will set targets and decide on the most appropriate course of action.

Otherwise, they will provide patients with information leaflets about the help available in the community, and assist them to contact their GP.

Says hospital spokeswoman Sharron Millen: “We are currently finalising plans to pilot this in the surgical pre-assessment clinic, where we believe active intervention might prevent complications during and after surgery.

“We hope that by supporting patients who have unhealthy lifestyles and are at high risk of VTE, we can add quality to their care and, in the longer term, reduce their risk of thrombosis and other long-term conditions.”

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Southampton University Hospitals

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