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Scientists solve resveratrol riddle


Resveratrol – a powerful antioxidant found in red wine – works as an effective therapy for life-threatening inflammation, according to scientists in Glasgow.

Dr Alirio Melendez, alongside collaborators in Singapore, solved a puzzle which has baffled experts since red wine was first identified as having health benefits. How does resveratrol control inflammation?

The study reveals resveratrol’s impact on inflammation, as well as how it can be used to treat potentially deadly inflammatory disease such as appendicitis, peritonitis and systemic sepsis.

The results were published in the FASEB Journal – which belongs to the Federation of the American Societies for Experimental Biology.

Dr Melendez said: “Strong acute inflammatory diseases such as sepsis are very difficult to treat and many die every day due to lack of treatment.

“Moreover, many survivors of sepsis develop a very low quality of life due to the damage that inflammation causes to several internal organs. The ultimate goal of our study was to identify a potential novel therapy to help in the treatment of strong acute inflammatory diseases.”

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University of Glasgow

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