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Votrient shows efficacy in soft tissue sarcoma


Research published in the Lancet following an FDA decision suggests that the treatment indication for pazopanib may soon extend beyond advanced renal cancer.

The Phase 3 study conducted in 72 institutions across 13 countries showed that pazopanib significantly increased progression-free survival of patients with metastatic non-adipocytic soft-tissue sarcoma compared with placebo (4.6 vs 1.6 months).

Overall survival was also increased with pazopanib compared with placebo, at 12.5 vs 10.7 months, respectively.

The 369 patients randomly assigned to receive pazopanib or placebo (n= 246 vs n = 123) had previously received no angiogenesis inhibitor treatment and had failed to respond to standard chemotherapy.

Pazopanib is approved in the EU first-line treatment of advanced renal cell carcinoma and for treatment of patients who have previously received cytokinc therapy for advanced disease.

The US Food and Drug Administration approved pazopanib on 26 April for treatment of patients with advanced soft tissue sarcoma who have received prior chemotherapy.


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