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Pharma-Tac Plus label for infusion bottles


Schreiner MediPharm is now offering the Pharma-Tac Plus label, a new marking solution for infusion bottles that combines several functions. In addition to the hanger, the specialty label provides sufficient space for extensive product information and also makes it possible to document the medication that has been administered.
“Thanks to its diverse functionalities the Pharma-Tac Plus label combines process optimisation with patient safety,” explains Ann Merchant, global President of Schreiner MediPharm. “Healthcare professionals are provided with a product solution that is easy to use and guarantees clear traceability of the administered infusion.”
The Pharma-Tac Plus label combines the product marking function with an integrated hanger and detachable label parts. Due to its multi-layered design, the label can accommodate extensive product descriptions. After opening the top layer, additional information such as the current calendar date and expiration date can be entered by hand. This is important when the contents of the bottle are only usable for a limited period of time after removal from cold storage, such as in the case of blood plasma infusions.
The hanger that is embedded in the bottom layer makes it possible to quickly and conveniently suspend the infusion bottle from the rack. To do so, the user simply separates the hanger from the bottom label, folds it and closes the top label again. The detachable label parts integrated into the Pharma-Tac Plus label are used for documentation. They are attached to the patient’s medical file and the medical facility’s blood transfusion records.
This specialty solution also convinced the judging panel of this year’s FINAT competition. The Pharma-Tac Plus label was awarded a “highly commended” certificate in the “Innovation” category for functionality, printing quality and finish.

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