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Glide Pharma signs biologicals deal with major pharma company


Specialty pharmaceutical company, Glide Pharma, has signed an agreement with a leading pharmaceutical company to evaluate its proprietary Glide SDI – Solid Dose Injector – technology for the delivery of a branded peptide product. This is Glide Pharma’s third deal involving a biological product, with further agreements close to fruition.

The deal is described as a future-directed relationship, focusing initially on one of the pharma company’s branded biologicals; the new partner has also taken an option to enter into a full development programme. Under the terms of the deal, Glide Pharma will develop and test a range of solid dosage
formulations of the branded peptide in the unique Glide SDI. These formulations will then be supplied to the partner company for further evaluation.

Glide Pharma’s CEO, Dr Charles Potter said: “With two existing agreements and a number in the pipeline, this latest deal with a major pharmaceutical company involving a branded biological, is a significant step for us.  It also comes on the back of some very promising data on the administration of vaccines using the Glide SDI.

“This, together with our own drug development programme, is beginning to build up promising picture of the potential of the Glide SDI system as a commercially viable solution for administering both small molecules and biologicals, including vaccines.”

By formulating the therapeutic or vaccine into a solid dose in the form of a tiny pointed rod that is “pushed” through the skin, the Glide SDI system does not require needles, so needlestick injuries and needle-phobias are avoided.

The solid dose is especially suitable for biological applications, since storage in this form may avoid the need for refrigeration and there are no reconstitution steps – making administration much easier for patients, carers and healthcare professionals.  Importantly the pen-sized, spring-powered actuator is small, lightweight and easy to use, as well as being economical to manufacture.

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